Emma Skelgaard Haas

Name: Emma Skelgaard Haas
Study course: IBC – Intercultural Marketing
E-mail: emha18ai@student.cbs.dk

Who are you?

My name is Emma and I am a first year student on the IBC Masters’ programme. I have a bachelor
degree in International Business and Modern Languages from SDU in Odense, where I also gained
experience with board positions at the Academic Study Board for cand.negot. Besides my studies I
work as a Content Marketing Student at Lenovo.

What is your motivation for running?

I am running for the study board, because I hope to be involved in the ongoing development of this
programme. IBC is a programme with a large diversity among students as we not only come from
different education programs but also different countries. I want to ensure that the students will
remain a strong social relationship so that they can develop academically the best possible way and,
in the future, create closer ties to the global business environment.

What do you want to achieve while on the Study Board?

– Ensuring that the opinions and concerns of my fellow students are heard
– Increase the level of feedback after exams
– Keep the quality of the offered courses high and relevant
– Take part in decision about regulations and exams