Frederik Hyldgaard Thomsen

Name: Frederik Hyldgaard Thomsen
Study course: BSc IBP, International Business and Politics



Who are you?
My name is Frederik, and I am running for a position at the academic council. Having studied IBP for now almost 1,5 years has shown the breadth and depth that CBS provides, but has also taught me the necessity of continued engagement from everyone in ensuring a rich study environment. The international profile of CBS is being rolled back, and the new external pressures requires CBS to become more adaptable.

What is your motivation for running?
Universities around the country, and the world, are all in a process of change, adapting to the
requirements of broader society, and changing labour markets. Adaptability is therefore key, not just
for graduates, but for universities and business schools preparing graduates. Ensuring adaptability of
graduates and universities requires a focus on two issues: the International profile and Academic
Freedom. And it is too ensure these two aspects of the study environment are kept in focus that I am
running for the Academic Council.

What do you want to achieve while on the Academic Council?
Maintaining the high academic quality of CBS is not easily achieved, but two words describe my
agenda for the Academic Council: International Freedom.
International, because the world is ever more interconnected and no country can succeed alone, not
even at the educational level, and freedom, because academic freedom, both for students through
electives, and for professors through academic freedom, ensures adaptability and early
specialisation, necessary for landing that first job.