Frederikke Aundrup Eskholm

Name: Frederikke Aundrup Eskholm
Study course: MA IBC (ICM) / MA International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing)
Who are you?
Hello everybody! My name is Frederikke and I am currently enrolled in the MA IBC programme
where I am about to finish my 1 st semester. I have my bachelor in European Business (English) here
from CBS where I also took a semester abroad in Paris. In addition, I work in the study secretariat of
the Graduate Certificate (HD Part 1) and I have been a member of the EB Quality Board for the past 2
What is your motivation for running?
I am running because I want to influence and participate in the development of our programme for
the years to come and work to improve the quality of our programme. Moreover, I believe that we
as students have an important voice in the Study Board and I want to make that voice heard.
What do you want to achieve while on the Study Board?
I want to improve the overall quality of the program by drawing on the experiences that we gain as
students and try to incorporate that into making this programme better for the next years to come.