Joakim Bang Korslund

Name: Joakim Bang Korslund

Study course: MAIBC (ICM)




Who are you?

I’m a marketing student with passion for bold international strategies and implementation. I now work as a consultant in a marketing agency, where I build strong market positions for big international brands.



What is your motivation for running?

During my 4.5 years at CBS I have been engaged in different boards from which I have gained a deep knowledge about the political and educational landscape of CBS. I now strive to improve the students’ competitive edge through enhancing study programmes and their professional profiles.



What do you want to achieve while on the Study Board?

  • Improve and strenghten the natural transfer from bachelor’s degree to master’s degree within international marketing strategy
  • Redefine the MAIBC profiles (ICM + MCO) in order to create a competitive and highly differentiated educational programme of interest for the international market
  • Maintain and develop the international profile of MAIBC