Jonas Juul Lethenborg

Name: Jonas Juul Lethenborg
Study course: HA European Business

Who are you?

A 20-year-old European student, with a great interest for European cooperation. I am at my first
semester of the BSc European Business programme.

What is your motivation for running?

I am very passionate about the further development of the European cooperation, and which
influence it has on international organizations working in Europe. I wish to improve the quality of the
study programme, as well as promote the importance of the knowledge acquired in this programme.
Furthermore, I wish to take care of communicating the wishes of the students to the study board, in
order to deal with the problems occurring during the programme.

What do you want to achieve while on the Study Board?

– Further improve and specify the focus of the study programme
– Increase the level of feedback from lecturers
– Take care of student dissatisfaction and concerns
– Take part in considerate decision making about the composition of our study programme