Julian Johansen

Name: Julian Johansen

Study course: HD2 – IM




Who are you?

My name is Julian, and I am currently studying HD2 Innovation Management. Normally I work as a brand manager and I am also the current vice-chairman of the study-board for the graduate diploma programmes.



What is your motivation for running?

My motivation comes from all the things we achieved this past year, and for all the things we will achieve this coming year. The HD-programmes are evolving, and it is paramount, that we take this evolution the right places. We need to keep the quality on top and keep the courses relevant.



What do you want to achieve while on the Study Board?


  • To bridge the gap between HD- and master-studies at CBS.
  • Making it easier to keep studying at a master-level.
  • Take care of students and their rights.
  • Keep the quality of the offered courses high and relevant.
  • Evolve the HD-programme, so it keeps appealing to both students and to employers.