Line Freilev Rasmussen

Name: Line Freilev Rasmussen

Study course: Cand. Soc. SEM  




Who are you?

I am 25 years old and a first-year student on the Service Management master program. I have a bachelor degree in Leisure Management, from another Danish university, where I specialised in innovative services. I knew from my very first day at CBS that I wanted to get involved and try to make an impact, which is why I am already a part of CBS Students and Cand. Soc. SEM’s Quality board.


What is your motivation for running?

The Cand. Soc. Programs has a great variety of students with different backgrounds – educationally and nationally. I very much appreciate this diversity and it’s my main motivation for running for the Study Board.

I’m striving to develop a strong divers student community for Cand. Soc. Student, where strong social relationship can influence our education positively.  


What do you want to achieve while on the Study Board?

  • Improve the introduction week and social activities for Cand. Soc. Programs
  • Follow up on the quality boards requests and desires
  • Be the voice of the Cand. Soc. students in any potential regulation effecting the study – we are the ones the choices affect.
  • Take care of student complains and requires