Mikkel Nielsen

Name: Mikkel Nielsen

Study programme: IBP ­- BSc in International Business and Politics

E-mail: mikkel.nielsen@cbsstudents.dk







Who are you?

I am currently on my 5th semester of BSc in International Business and Politics and have been the vice-chair of the IBP Study Board for the last two years. During that time, I have worked to improve student life at my own programme while also engaging broadly in student politics at CBS Students as Head of Politics with the goal of furthering student influence across all of CBS. In October this year I was elected for the Academic Council after a by-election and I am thus familiar with the work it requires. I wish to continue my work to improve the academic life at CBS while ensuring some consistency between years.


What is your motivation for running?

As mentioned, before I have already worked extensively with improving my own programme through the Study Board, and I now think it is time that I put my experience to use and focus on developing the quality of education for all of CBS. My active participation in the work of CBS Students among other things have shown me how big an impact we as students can have on our education, and I believe it is important that we value and cherish that.


What do you want to achieve while on the Academic Council?

On the Academic Council I wish to voice the student opinion, which means that I am very open to hear all your thoughts on quality education – so please give me your input. More specifically there are especially three topics currently discussed at CBS that I wish to engage with. That is, (1) continuous assessment, (2) blended learning, and (3) dimensioning of English-speaking students.


(1) Continuous assessment can serve as a great tool to improve learning, however, it can also end up increasing the pressure put on students, which is why it is important that the students are included in the development of new ways of providing valuable feedback.


(2) Blended learning has great potential to improve the time spent studying by making learning more individualised and exciting. I wish to make sure that the management of CBS is actively working to make our education contemporary both in terms of content and format.


(3) Dimensioning of English-speaking students is something that is forced upon CBS by the ministry. While it is unfortunately something, we as a university must conform to, it is also something that can be handled in many ways. I believe it is important that we find a solution that has the least negative impact on the international environment at CBS. The diversity of nationality at CBS is one of its great strengths and it would be sad to see this disappear.