Puk Bolette Almsborg Ebsen

Name: Puk Bolette Almsborg Ebsen
Study course: MSc. In Business Administration and Organizational Communication
E-mail: pueb15ab@student.cbs.dk

Who are you?
I am 24 years old, have a bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Marketing Communication (Summer
2018) and I am currently at my first semester of my Masters Program: MSc. In Business
Administration and Organizational Communication.
What is your motivation for running?
I truly believe that our programs (IMK, HA. Kom., and Cand. Merc. Kom.) play crucial roles in shaping
tomorrows leaders, marketers and communicators. By being a member of the study board I can
influence the direction and requirements of our programs and hereby create distinctive competence
profiles for all of us!
What do you want to achieve while on the Study Board?
I want to make MSc. Business Administration and Organizational Communication sexy again! Yes,
you heard correctly. I believe that we can create a program that appeals more to trends and market
requirements by improving the overall quality of our program. Further, I want to make sure that the
curriculum does not overlap with previously bachelor degrees, enabling us to broaden our skillset.