Rasmus Back Christensen

Name:  Rasmus Back Christensen
Study course:  MSc in EBA – ASC (Accounting, Strategy and Control)
E-mail:   Rach18ae@student.cbs.dk


Who are you?
I am a proficient communicator with 12 years of experience working with sales and consulting, and
through several years of experience working with project management, I have acquired a
demonstrated ability to apply critical thinking and management strategies to multinational
organizations in real-life academic projects.
Goal-oriented, structured, ambitious, result-oriented, innovative, creative and humorous – These
adjectives best describe my personality, and my professional profile therefore also emphasizes these.

What is your motivation for running?
As a MSc student in Accounting, Strategy and Control, I want to ensure that the validity of the
decisions made in the Academic Council are pensively deliberated and moreover give all students a
voice in the academic decisions that are made at CBS.

What do you want to achieve while on the Academic Council?
In particular, I aim to raise further awareness about the problematic of a de-internationalization of
the student intake at the university, and how this can cause a decrease in the academic knowledge
exchange between students and the university. That is why I am advocating for a seat in the
Academic Council.