Sebastian Toft Bringstrup

Name: Sebastian Toft Bringstrup

Study course: BSc Soc / BSc in Business Administration and Sociology




Who are you?

I am a third-year student on Soc deeply engaged in the study environment of CBS. Since my first week at I have been active in the student union, CBS Students, as a volunteer, project manager, board member, Vice President, and much more. Besides my work in CBS Students I have been engaged in the intro period of my study programme both as a tutor and as an administrator.



What is your motivation for running?

Having experienced how large an impact student influence can have on the life of every single student at CBS I always want to contribute more in the areas where I can. In the Board of Directors of CBS I will make sure that the interests of the students are always the first priority and ensure that students always are included in decision-making processes throughout the university.


What do you want to achieve while on the Board of Directors?

In the Board of CBS, I want to:

  • Make the vote of all students count
  • Work for more feedback for students throughout their studies
  • Improve the teaching and learning environment
  • Reduce the size of classes for more sparring with professors
  • Increase the number of workshops where theory can be applied in practise