The Election at CBS

Every year students have the possibility to elect student representatives into three decision making bodies at CBS – The Board of Directors, The Academic Council and The Study Boards. The 2017 university election takes place in week 47, i.e. November 20th, 9:00- November 24th, 14:00.


Study BoardEach study program at CBS has its own study board. It is the entity with the most direct influence over your day-to-day studies, as it has the academic responsibility for your program and is in charge of ensuring your studies run smoothly and coherently.

Academic CouncilThe Academic Council serves an advisory function to the CBS management on all academic matters. They, for instance, provide feedback on strategic issues of education and research.

Board of Directors: The Board of Directors is the highest authority at CBS. It is in charge of the long-term strategic and economic work at CBS as well as responsible for ensuring positive ties between CBS and the industry.

Achieving a high voting percentage is crucial, as it legitimises the candidates representing the students and thus strengthens student influence at every level. Every student at CBS has a right to cast their vote.

How to vote:

  1. Pick the candidates you feel represents you the best
  2. Click on the ‘VOTE’-button
  3. Choose ‘Copenhagen Business School’ out of the list
  4. Login using your standard CBS Login
  5. Cast your vote for the candidates of your choice